STEP UP: Smart Tech & Education Program

The STEP UP initiative aims to develop and sustain an innovative, rigorous and interdisciplinary research agenda on Education. Think of it as a laboratory committed to identifying ‘what works’ in education and narrowing the educational achievement gaps. 

Why should we care? Because – as an enormous body of evidence shows – education drives vital life-long outcomes such as income and poverty, health, parenting, social isolation and intergenerational equity, and eliminating such (racial and socioeconomic) education differences will make for a more just and thriving society for all.

Throughout the life of the project, we plan to identify and involve key stakeholders – scientists, educators, and policy makers – to generate and test ideas that have the potential to transform education. We intend this research agenda to position the network as a thought leader on the worldwide challenge of successfully meeting the growing education demand, but even more importantly to provide a solid platform for sustained knowledge exchange and positive social impact. 

Our aims are part of a long-term strategy and commitment to achieving excellence in education and advancing a just society via exceptional research and meaningful social engagement that promote social equity, diversity and justice.

We are based at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), with nodes at the University of Queensland and University of Adelaide. Funding from the UNSW Business School, UNSW Pro-Vice Chancellor Education and CEPAR is gratefully acknowledged.